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King Size Softside Waterbed Mattress with Cotton Pillow Top

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This pillowtop softside is our best seller not just because we have the best price but because we use the best material and it is one of the most comfortable pillowtop mattresses on the market today. Buy the best softside mattress at the lowest price.
MSRP: $1,500.00
Price: $989.71
You Save: $510.29 (34 %)
In stock for fast service.
Manufacturer: U.S.W.B.
Manufacturer Part No: EKsscptm
Condition: New
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King Softside Mattress with Cotton Pillow-Top
Pillow-Top Has Premium Outer Cotton Outer Fabric
With a choice of three water supports
Free Flow, Semi Wave, 90%, 95% or 99% Waveless Support
This mattress is super comfortable due to the deep fill cavity water support which will
will contour to every curve of your body and the Pillow-Top cover is very soft and breathable.
The 90%,  95% or 99% waveless support is designed to let your body sink into the mattress more level.
You will also get excellent blood circulation which is another important factor in sleeping & resting in comfort.
Another important factor for resting or sleeping in comfort is having very breathable sleep surface
which this mattress has; This will help prevent moisture from building up in your mattress.
Just look at the materials used to make this luxurious mattress.
Mattress Cover
  • We hand picked the Cotton outer material for this mattress "No one else has this exact mattress the way we sell it"
  • The outer material of the mattress is a very breathable Premium Cotton Fabric
    Durable yet soft in a creme color it also has a tack & jump quilting pattern for a high plush loft.
  • Layer of soft orthopedic foam
  • Luxurious Comfort Layer
  • Layers of Super soft Hollow fill fiber inside of cover with F.R. for fire regulations
  • The cover at its highest loft is about 2 inches thick. 
  • The above combination of materials makes this plush cover-super soft and more importantly very breathable.

Mattress edge support

  • This side support is on all sides inside the cover which will make it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • The Foam Edge is made with high density foam
  • The edge support is connected to the opposite side for years of service 

Choice of Deep-fill systems

  • Free Flow Support has allot of movement like the original waterbeds. 10-15 seconds of movement.
  • Semi Wave has one layer of fiber with about 8-10 seconds of movement
  • 90% Support w/ contour lumbar system will contour to your shape and it will give you the comfort and keep your body more level with 5-6 seconds of movement.
  • 95% motionless support with lumbar suppot with 3-4 seconds of movement
  • 99% motionless w/ contour back support to keep your body more level. It has 1-2 second of movement and better support. 
  • All supports are constructed with rich virgin vinyl & reinforced corners for years of service .
  • The motionless supports are filled with super soft fiber with extra layers in the mid section. All the fiber is connected together and to the outer shell which will help prevent shifting and make the draining & moving process easier.

 Heater & Fill Kit W/ Conditioner

  • The waterbed heater that comes with this bed is our most reliable unit. It has a very easy to use dial on the control which you can turn the temperature up or down. It will keep your mattress nice and warm on those cold nights.
  • You will also receive a fill kit which has all the adapters need to fill the mattress and when you need to drain your mattress. It comes with a bottle or our premium conditioner which will keep the water from building up algae.
****The foundation which is in the picture is not included****
That's the part that looks like a box spring
This mattress needs to be placed on a strong flat surface
**If you need a foundation we also sell this same mattress with foundation and frame on our site.
If you have any questions call or email.

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