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Natural Water base foam gel pillow
Are you looking for the right pillow? Tired of tossing and turning? It may be time to switch out your pillow.

This natural rubber pillow might be the answer as your sleep will be beyond your expectations compared with the feel other foam used in bedding today. 
Most people don't realize the length of time they rest their head on their pillow. A pillow is used for at least six hours through out the day if not more.
So investing on a good pillow that is going to give you a great sleep is worth the money.
With this new high technology Italian water base foamed gel this pillow is a great choice for a healthy sleep & great sleep. 
Its high elasticity and resilience makes this pillow practically unconformable. Not only is this a luxurious pillow but its plushness allows for an adaptive contouring feel to your neck and head at the perfect loft. This pillow keeps cool, fresh and breathable provided by the ventilation holes though out the pillow.

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