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Caring for Your Mattress Cover

A top-notch mattress can be a major investment, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, no matter how much you pay for it, your mattress won't last forever. Despite the high cost, mattresses only last for an average of 8 to 15 years, depending on whether it is an innerspring, foam or latex mattress. Industry experts unanimously agree that one of the best ways to prevent premature wear and extend the life of mattresses is by protecting them with zippered mattress covers. Choose a quilted top mattress cover to a euro top mattress cover. These are made using premium-quality, breathable fabric to ensure maximum comfort and care for it properly by cleaning it regularly.

Finding a Durable Mattress Cover

Save yourself time and frustration and thoroughly read the care instructions before purchasing covers for the mattresses in your home. Zippered mattress covers are made of a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon and synthetic blends. Looking for a pillow top cover that is very comfortable? Select a quilted mattress cover that is made of cotton that can be machine washed and tumbled dry at home. It is also important to use a quality mattress pad over your cover which can be taken off easily and washed regularly. Mattress pads are low cost and it will will extend the life of your high end mattress cover.

Cleaning Covers

Many cotton covers for mattresses can be easily cleaned in your washer and dryer; however, synthetic fabrics may lose their shape or become damaged from the same manner of care. Though specific instructions may vary, typically, polyester, acrylic and other synthetics cannot be tumbled dry in the dryer and must be hung to dry. Though a seemingly simple task, this can prove especially difficult if you have a California King mattress or just don't have the space in your home to line dry large items.

Over their lifetime, mattress pads and covers for mattresses can absorb up to three gallons of bodily fluids such as sweat, which is why routine cleaning is equally important for hygiene and the mattress protection.

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Caring for Your Mattress Cover

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